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Welcome to the Ordo Ineptus Gaming Club!

Ordo Ineptus is dedicated to our love of table top gaming,
and our community of friends and fellow gamers!

Ordo Ineptus is a table top gaming group open to members of all ages and experience levels.  With open gaming on Monday and Friday nights as well as all day Saturday and Sunday.  Our membership plays a diverse range of table top games, so finding an opponent is always just a challenge away!

How to Build an Army for a Tournament Deadline 

by Dr. Carnivean 2/4/13

Yeah I know I said it was a really bad idea last month, but letís not kid ourselves here.  At some point youíre going to try and put together an entire army with a deadline for a tournament. You know it.  I know it.  My dog Rufus knows it...

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